Total Automated Solutions are specialists in the field of telemetry and remote monitoring with more than 30 years experience ,from the emergence of PSTN diallers to the very latest multifaceted devices employing industrial Bluetooth, GPRS, radio, LPWAN and other IOT technologies.

Telemetry is no longer the preserve of large and wealthy organisations. It can be deployed in practically any location to monitor almost any conceivable parameter. Total Automated Solutions work with many of the leading provider’s equipment such as: Dynamic Logic, CSE Servelec, and Metasphere to name a few.

What sets us apart from the rest? Total Automated Solutions realise that the telemetry market is becoming flooded with products and offerings for both the industrial and domestic sectors. Some of this equipment is very low cost but also highly adaptable and it is creating a market where, as costs fall, the RTU or outstation is almost becoming a commodity

In this myriad of equipment it can be difficult to find the right solution. Total Automated Solutions have recently developed a system called TASK1 and a small but versatile and low cost outstation called the TASK1RTU. TASK1 takes a different approach to providing remote monitoring and data gathering services as it provides a platform to connect many different devices and protocols instead of restricting the user to one particular manufacturer’s offering. The TASK1RTUs’ can be deployed either as an individual, fully functioning RTU or they can also be married seamlessly to the TASK1 system to provide a complete telemetry solution.

Some of our outstations have been deployed in the most unlikely places from river banks to critical fire-fighting plant. The applications range from simple data logging to remote control of plant over the GSM network. The key to our success is that our development engineers are the same people that install and maintain the equipment leading to product knowledge that is second to none.

What is telemetry?

Tele meaning remote and metron meaning measurement. Simply put, telemetry encompasses any system or device that monitors signals and relays the information to be used at another location.

What can we measure? We generally define two types of input:

Digital signals are either on or off e.g. open or closed. Standing or running

Analogue signals conform to a particular scale, usually linear. Analogues are usually measured by an instrument which is connected to the outstation such as temperature, atmospheric pressure, voltage or a liquid level. The list and possibilities are practically endless.

How can I access the data?

We can send the data in many different formats. Some common examples are:

As sms text messages

Over I.P to a web page

As email

Integrated to an existing system such as a PLC system.

 Point to point comms:

TASK1RTU can be used to transfer data over the GSM network where the outstation acts as a transparent comms device transferring data such as 232 or MODBUS 485. Using the GSM network means that there are no constraints on how far we can transmit the data. The quad-band outstation is effective worldwide.

 Point to point control.

The TASK1RTU has been deployed as a fully automatic control device for simple starting and stopping of remote equipment.

Unsure of how to manage a particular challenge?

Generally speaking; If you have some equipment or a parameter that requires monitoring then talk to us and we will find the solution.