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Wide Choice of PaT (Pump as a Turbine) options  

Use Water Power to its Full Potential

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Pumps as Turbines

Use Water Power to its Full Potential  

Hydro schemes are among the most important source of renewable energy throughout the world. A free fuel source which is potentially everlasting.

Small Hydro electrical production has advantages over other forms of energy due to the fact that it is one of the most cost effective means of producing clean renewable electricity, generally operating at higher efficiency & delivering greater yields than say solar, wind or tidal energy.

The Pump as Turbine solution, or PaT, has been developed over many years, utilising the depth of expertise within the partnership of TAS and SPP Pumps. This knowledge not only comes from partnering with a world renowned pump manufacturer but also from our bespoke control system design catering for the clients individual needs.


Key Benefits of TAS/SPP Pump as Turbines

• Lower initial cost when compared to traditional turbines 

• Utilises standard and field proven products 

• Simple and robust construction 

• Availability of spares coupled with ease of maintenance 

• The return on investment period is short, when compared with other renewable energy methods 

are competent in proposing turnkey solutions from concept through to commissioning.

We fully understand the wide variety of hydro applications that would best benefit from the installation of a Pump as Turbine. Whilst being able to offer the capital equipment, TAS/SPP  


Basic Principle of Operation – A centrifugal pump, fitted with an impeller of the correct geometry, can operate in reverse rotation mode as a turbine. It works on the same principle as a Francis Turbine. The energy is recovered from the pressure differential (head); whilst the water flow is passed back in to the existing system. The Pump as Turbine can be used to generate electricity to the grid network or be directed for local supply. Another option, rather than generate electricity, is that a PaT is used to directly to drive additional rotating equipment.

Applications of Pumps as Turbines – the TAS/SPP PaT can be utilised in the following application areas.


Water supply systems

• Damping excess pressure in systems

• Balancing of pressure in supply lines/tanks at different elevations

• Pressure control/throttling in closed loop systems

• Extraction of excess pressure at the outlet of a water supply line


Extraction of hydro energy from natural resources

• Reservoirs/Dams using the spill and compensation flow

• Hydro recovery systems from rivers/streams in hilly areas

• Canal/Lock systems


Industrial applications

• Pressure damping in cooling water circulation systems

• Reverse osmosis systems

• Reduction of process water pressure