PROFIBUS has become the world’s most popular fieldbus in transferring data from multiple devices to control plant and equipment. Developed in 1989 it has proven that it is ideal for supporting modern automation systems. Industries using PROFIBUS range from petrochemical, food/drink, water and waste treatment plants.
Profibus has become a fast growing trend in all new and retro fit installations. Profibus devices can be implemented within starter panels reducing the need for door furniture and hardwired circuitry. The technology is not limited to only Intelligent MCC panels, but can also be utilised in field networks incorporating and controlling instrumentation, automated valves and much more.

Communications Graph

Network Responces

Network response using scope

Monitored network traffic and responses


Total Automated Solutions provide consultancy services, network design, on site fault finding/installation, network certification and report writing by our own Profibus Certified Engineers and Installation technicians. We use the very latest in profibus network analytical instrumentation that allow us to monitor network communication, signal strength and signal distortion without effecting the onsite operation of plant and equipment.

Independent certification of your networks will reduce precious commissioning and system integrator site time, and will also provide a reference point as to the optimum operational state of your network before, during or after a defect period should an issue arise.

Bad Profibus Installation

Good Profibus Installation

Example of a bad install with too much loose cable and tight bends

How the install was rectified correctly