Remote Borehole Level Monitoring - East counties of England

The client contacted TAS with a requirement for a system to monitor 40 bore holes across the Eastern counties of the UK

Readings were required every 15 minutes to be fed back to the central monitoring control Centre.

Total Automated Solutions developed a packaged modular solution based on sensors and a rope, local RTU with PSU and battery to provide a standardised solution for the client.

A Level Transducer which operates on water pressure  with an adequate length of cable appropriate for the borehole is lowered into the Bore Hole.

 Alarm levels are set at the levels required to trigger SMS text messages or GPRS data strings. These could be messages such as Level Low Alarm, Level High Alarm or Water Level 10m. Data and Time stamps along with location identifies are also added to the messages.

The water levels are used in the RTU to generate pump start and stop commands.