Dalrihada Water Ireland. Instrument Training

Total Automated Solutions were asked to provide instrumentation training to a water company in Northern Ireland for all of their Instrumentation and Mechanical Technicians. In addition to general  standards and installation the trainining specifically included Chlorine, Turbidity, pH, UV Organics and flow.

We provided further in depth training to the Instrumentation Technicians which gave them the theory of how their site specific instruments measured the various attributes, how to strip, clean and calibrate the instruments, fault finding techniques and common faults associated with the instruments.

We also provided more of an overview for the Mechanical Technicians which allowed them to carry out day to day maintenance so they could then pass any higher level faults to the instrument Technicians.
We included in the training a step by step guide for each piece of equipment that allowed the Technicians to use as a reference when out on site.