New Technologies Internet of Things, IIOT

TAS are fully up to date with new technology developments associated with  The Internet of Things.

These new technologies are being developed  and deployed to cover all aspects of remote monitoring and automation from sensors to cloud based control and monitoring solutions, and Industry 4.0, including:

Cloud based scada and Software as a service

Cloud based Platforms

Telecommunications - WIFI, Sigfox, Lora Wan, NB - IOT

Sensors and Instrumentation

An example of this technology is shown below from Groupe Schneider, Total Automation system partner.[61593041240]-[294040427241]-S-[%2Bautomation%20%2Bsolution]


Should you have a requirement for Industry 4.0 applications within your plant or industry, please contact Total Automation Solutions via the contact page, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.