Hazardous Areas

The ATEX directives relate to places where combustable dust or flammable gasses may be present and is a European Standard so all equipment is made to the same standards across Europe depending on Temperature Classification, Protection Concept, Gas Group and IP rating.


How do I keep my employees safe?

If you have flammable gasses in your work place then you should have some Site Area Classification Drawings to show what equipment is in what classification of Zone. This can help determine what electrical equipment can be fitted in thatZoned Area, what gasses are present and all other precautions that should be taken. Considerations such as correct cable glanding, correct junction boxes and earthing should be in place in these areas and all equipment should be inspected and recorded periodically (should not exceed every 3 years without seeking expert advice). Other equipment that may need to be considered is Intrinsically Safe circuits which limit the amount of energy discharged and is not capable of causing ignition of a given explosive atmosphere.

How we can help

We have CompEX certified engineers that can install, inspect and maintain electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres. We can help you assess your site and the potential dangers, update/create your Site Area Classification Drawings and carry out routine checks to make sure that all your equipment is upto the current requirements.