Control Systems

Total PLC Solutions make automation easy. Whether the requirement is for the automation of existing plant, additions or modifications to existing plant or a complete design and build package. We deal with most PLC/DCS systems including the main stream Mitsubishi and Allen Bradley and are also in partnership with the UK sector of Toshiba which includes the V-series controllers and OIS-DS interface systems.

PLC Software:                                                                          

Rockwell, RSLogix 500

Rockwell, RSLogix 5

Rockwell, RSLogix 5000

Mitsubishi Medoc

Misubishi GX Developer

Mitsubishi GX IEC Developer

Mitsubishi GX Works 2/3

Siemens Step 7

Toshiba Engineering Tools

Toshiba OIS-DS

PLC Platforms:                                         

Allen Bradley, Micro Logix

Allen Bradley, SLC 500

Allen Bradley, PLC 5

Allen Bradley, Compact Logix

Allen Bradley, Control Logix

Mitsubishi, FX Series

Mitsubishi, A Series

Mitsubishi, Q Series

Siemens, S5

Siemens, S7

Toshiba S series

Toshiba V series

Toshiba NV series

LOI Software: 

Rockwell, PanelBuilder 32

Rockwell, RS View for Machine Ed

GOT 1000/2000

SoftGOT 2000

Beijers E Designer




Toshiba DCS Controller