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Toshiba Control Systems


Total Automated Solutions Ltd are the official TIC system integrator for automation products in UK. We are able to meet the needs for all aspects of Toshiba automation products including instrumentation, DCS systems, PLC's and all Toshiba legacy systems.


V-Series Controller

We can provide highly skilled and knowledgeable support to existing customers who have legacy systems such as Toshiba 243D, Toshiba DPCS, Toshiba MCS1000, Toshiba MCS1200, Toshiba OIS2000, Toshiba PCS4000, Toshiba PCS6000, Toshiba OIS4000, Toshiba OIS5000, Toshiba OIS6000, Toshiba EX100,Toshiba EX250 who are looking for migration options.

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